Michiganders Disagree with Upton’s Attacks on EPA

An article in the Kalamazoo Gazette today discusses increasing pressure on Rep. Fred Upton to end his attacks on the EPA and clean air. Rep. Upton is our own representative here in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District and seems to be out of touch with his constituents.

A poll released this week by the Natural Resources Defense Council “found 67 percent of Upton’s constituents agreed that Congress should let the EPA place limits on carbon dioxide pollution.”

Let’s keep this momentum rolling SSE! This week we will be discussing some strategies for keeping Rep. Upton in the spotlight as he tries to fill his pockets with money from companies and lobbyists at the expense of our health!

Two-Thirds of Upton’s Constituents Oppose His Bill to Block EPA from Updating Health Protectionsn-NRDC


One thought on “Michiganders Disagree with Upton’s Attacks on EPA

  1. Please join 1Sky and other local citizen groups for a RALLY TO PROTECT THE CLEAN AIR ACT on Saturday, Feb. 26th, at noon in front of Upton’s Kalamazoo office (157 S Kalmazoo Mall-downtown). Upton authored this draft bill that would go against the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the EPA regulate climate pollution. He’s also hired corporate lobbyists to his staff as the new Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee. We’ll march with signs, hear from speakers, including WMU Profesor Emeritus, Maynard Kaufman, talk to media, and get signatures on petitions. Hope to see you there!

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