Power Shift 2011!

Power Shift 2011 Logo

Students for a Sustainable Earth is excited to be joining the Michigan delegation for yet another Power Shift (SSE has been to them all!).

Power Shift 2011 will take place April 15 – 18th in Washington, DC at the Washington Convention Center. Key to interacting with our Representatives on business days, Powershift will be Friday-Monday, remember to let your Professors know NOW to make your life easier.

Not familiar with Power Shift?  Power Shift is world’s largest gathering of youth for the climate movement. It takes place every two years in Washington, D.C. with the goal of recruiting youth from across the nation to gather, celebrate, share, and learn about the climate movement. Lobbying is a major part of Powershift, meeting with Representatives and working to create our clean energy future through influencing our nation’s climate policy (or lack thereof!)

RSVP to Power Shift on Facebook

SSE will be registering together, as a group, we will make announcements regarding our registration in the coming months. Stay tuned to our website, Twitter, and regular meetings every Thursday at 7:00pm in room 205 of the Bernhard Center.


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