Action Alert: Last Day for EPA Public Comment on Toxic Coal Ash

Friday, November 19th is the last day to submit a public comment regarding the classification of Toxic Coal Ash as Hazardous Waste. Currently the EPA regulates Toxic Coal Ash as regular waste, with no special limitations on its storage or disposal. The EPA is considering a rule change to consider Toxic Coal Ash as Hazardous Waste, forcing it to be stored and disposed of in a much more regulated and appropriate manner.

Coal ash is the byproduct of burning coal for energy and is extremely toxic. Toxic Coal Ash has also been found to be more radioactive than nuclear waste. Currently Toxic Coal Ash is dumped into the environment as regular, unregulated trash. For more information see this article from the Michigan Messenger.

Part of this process includes a public comment period, where the EPA must listen to and consider public opinion. This is a great way to have a huge impact on this issue and be a champion of a safer environment for everyone. Take Action by sending this form letter below:

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