SEE Minutes 2/11/2010

SSE Minutes 2/11/2010

Andrew Ladd and Chris Rettich, who are running for WSA President and Vice President, attended this week’s meeting.
– New revaluation of how student assessment fee is distributed
– Sustainability- work with physical plant, LEED certified buildings
–       Connecting campus with downtown Kalamazoo, buildinga pedestrian and  bike path that runs to downtown
– Better student outreach and communication between WSA senators and students
– Will campaign for “green fee” to be added into student assessment fee to create a Sustainability office and fund sustainable projects

More publicity needed!
– Megan and Andy work on poster to put around campus
– Put minutes on SSE LinkedIn website
– Get rid of outdated SSE website
– Class raps

Feb 20th, 12:00 Colony Farm Orchard art sculpture event- professional artist making sculptures out of natural objects found at CFO.  Participants will make sculptures as well, lunch after at Gibbs house.  SSE members show up 11-12.

Bake sale April 6 and 7th to raise money for Arbor Day trees to be planted on campus, $100 each

Insanity 5k at Asylum Lake during earth week in the works

SSE self defense class will be scheduled before end of year to take place in place of a Thursday meeting

Derek Jenson March 30th


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