Don’t eat Foie Gras.

PHILADELPHIA – The organizer of past protests of Foie Gras Week in Philadelphia is sitting out this year. Humane League of Philadelphia organizer Nick Cooney says his group — formerly called “Hugs for Puppies” — hasn’t found picketing restaurants to be effective. He says the group now focuses on persuading institutions such as colleges to stop buying eggs from hens confined to tight cages. During Foie Gras Week, which starts Friday, more than 18 Philadelphia restaurants temporarily add at least one $5 foie gras dish to the menu. Opponents of foie gras contend that the method of engorging a duck or goose liver to make the dish is cruel. Others say it can be done humanely.

Nick Cooney is Related to local politician, professor, and all around badass Don Cooney. For more information about Nicks trials and tribulations as an organizer be sure to stop in and talk to Don Cooney during his office hours in the college of social work.


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