Healthy Planet, Healthy Plate: a green living workshop.

On March 17th, we will be having this workshop at 6PM till 8PM in room 1220 of the Chemistry building.
Food is amazing.

One of the most fundamental activities of human life, and any life that isn’t…you know… plant, is eating. We all eat. It usually happens on a fairly regular basis. It’s fun to do with friends, and it makes you feel good.

But, does it make you feel as good as it should? Could the food you eat be making you feel even better than you already do?

Well, we want you to feel AMAZING, and we want the environment to be equally amazing. So, come and learn about different kinds of food options. Vegan vs. Vegetarian? Local foods or industrial organic? What foods are good for your body, and what food choices can you make that are good for the world?


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