Today we went tabling.

Tabling is a process where you sit at a table and either talk to people about your information or you pass out information to them. Tabling is like street canvassing,except that you are stationary and you wait for people to walk past you rather than walking up to them. It is less effective that canvasing in that sense, but it is also easier and better for beginners.

Step one of tabling is reserving the table. This is fairly easy. For instance, today we tabled in the Bernhard Center. To reserve a table all you have to do is call the main programing office (the SET office) and ask for a table. They will check and see if there is space available. Also, you can only have a table 4 times during a semester for the same cause/organization, so plan accordingly. The Phone number for the main programing office is (269) 387-4888 and the website with all of the official tabling rules can be found at
Tabling Rules and Regulations
Once you have a table reserved, you need to know why you are tabling. Pick a few upcoming events to talk about for starters. You can find out what is happening by checking the Events Calender

You will also most likely want to have an email sign-up sheet, and possibly some SSE business cards to pass out to people. Both can be found on the “TOOLS” page.

Once you’ve got the sign up sheet, some events, and some cards to give out, another thing to gather up would be some decorations for the table itself. Some fliers, posters, or banners can usually be found in the peace center. Or you can make your own posters quite easily with some cardboard from a dumpster and paint or markers.

Then you’re ready to go table. Be sure to actually greet people and try to talk to them as they walk by, DO NOT RELY ON THEM TO WALK UP TO YOU.

Spot someone a few meters away and say “Hey how’s it going?” if they respond at all ask them if you can ask them a quick question, and then ask if they are interested in environmental issues, or if they would like to hear about some really fun events that are coming up. Be creative, make it your own process, but be sure to be friendly and smile. You can also ask them their name while shaking their hand, which is a good way for them to feel like you really want them to be involved (and you do!)

And that’s it! Just make sure you are being friendly and a good public face for the organization and in no time you will  have recruited a whole new group of people to come to events, and maybe a few of them will come to meetings, and maybe a few more will want to volunteer to help us recruit even more people until we have hundreds of students working toward greater environmental sustainability.


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