Eco Political Discussion Panel

Eco-Political Discussion Panel: Wednesday, Feb 25th, 6PM-8PM, 2303 Sangren Hall.

There are many environmental issues facing the country and the globe. From global climate change, to water scarcity, to food production, to urban sprawl all of these things are going to require some pretty innovative solutions.

With so much on the line, we need to be able to get input from a broad range of people.

So, come join us with your questions, comments, and curiosity and find out what leaders in the student political community have to say about the governments role in environmental issues and what part if any politics should play in finding solutions to common problems.

Featured presenters will be:
David Bell- College Republicans
????- College Democrats
Christopher Caloia- Alliance for Socioeconomic Justice


2 thoughts on “Eco Political Discussion Panel

  1. “global climate change”

    The climate is in a continual state of change, getting warmer and colder through natural cycles, caused by things like sun spots. At least call it “global warming,” which is a complete lie liberals like you use to impose your will on others through the force of government.

    The Nobel Peace prize is meaningless until they take it back from Albert Gore, Jr., environmental hypocrite.

    • Hi. First, not a liberal. Not that it matters.
      Second, this is why our group is having this discussion panel, to discuss what if anything needs to be done about an array of environmental issues. You’ll notice we are talking about more than one topic.

      Third, and I can’t stress this enough, authoritarians believe in “imposing your will on others through the force of government.” A liberal is neither inherently authoritarian or libertarian, just as a conservative is neither inherently authoritarian or libertarian. My point is, liberals do not hold the patent on using government to enforce one particular set of beliefs that effects an entire population, which is precisely why we are holding this event.

      If you’re in the Kalamazoo area, I openly invite you to join us.

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