Eco Workshop: Personally Hygienic

Tonight, Feb 17th 2009, was the second in our series of green living workshops called “personally Hygienic”. It was designed to be a beginners guide to more environmentally sustainable methods of keeping oneself clean and healthy. We had three guest presenters, Alissa, Amolia, and Mondy. They talked about environmentally sustainable soaps and beauty products, as well as alternatives to feminine hygiene products such as the Moon Cup and home made flannel pads.

The workshop originally was going to have a presentation on shaving using soap and a strait edge razor, but that presenter had to cancel at the last minute.

This workshop had around 10 attendees. I think that if we put more work into advertising these events that we will be able to increase attendance, but it is going to take the efforts of each and every member of SSE to do so.
All in all, the event went well, but there is always room for improvements.


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