Welcome to the official blog site of

Students for a Sustainable Earth:

a registered student organization on the campus of Western Michigan University.

The purpose of this blog is to inform the wider community about the goals of SSE, advertise our upcoming events, and share our knowledge about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The articles in this blog are divided into a variety of categories.

“Green Tips and Tricks”– Environmental ideas tailored to the college demographic.

“Past Events”– A place to record how events went, and what was accomplished at them.

“SSE Information”– Posts about organizational aspects of SSE. Elections, the constitution, issues with structure, etc.

“Tutorials”– Easy to use, step by step guides to various aspects of campus activism and community organizing.

“Upcoming Events”– Events that have yet to happen. Check here often for fun events to go to.

There are also several separate pages. They are our “Events Calender” with all of our upcoming events, a “Help Wanted” page that has a lists of tasks that need to be completed by anyone who has the time, an “About US” page, a “Committees” page, and a “Tools” page with downloadable content that can be used for successful running of SSE functions.

The pages are located at the top right hand corner of our home page.


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